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Persona 5: The Animation atau ペルソナ5 ジ・アニメーション adalah serial televisi anime yang diproduksi oleh CloverWorks , berdasarkanvideo game Persona 5 oleh Atlus . Serial anime ini disutradarai oleh Masashi Ishihama dan ditulis oleh Shinichi Inotsume, dengan Tomomi Ishikawa mengadaptasidesain karakter asli Shigenori Soejima untuk animasi. Karyawan Atlus, Kazuma Kaneko menciptakan desain iblis asli, sementara komposer Shoji Meguromengambil alih perannya dari permainan. Seri 26-episode ditayangkan di Jepang antara April dan September 2018, dengan epilog yang dijadwalkan akan disiarkan pada 30 Desember 2018. Selain itu, khusus televisi animasi oleh A-1 Pictures , The Day Breakers , ditayangkan sebelum rilis Jepang game di September 2016. Serial ini dilisensikan di Amerika Utara oleh Aniplex of America

» Title: Dark Sun…
» Artist: Lyn
» Anime OST: Persona 5 the Animation (Opening 2)
» Duration: 00:04:09
» Language: English
» File Type: Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 320 kbps
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They say a choice
In the darkest hour
Is the way we find out
What we are made of

But if I chose
As a blind man would
Only hearing voices
Inside my head

Can I say
It was right
To snuff out
Every foe
I could find
What about me?

Dark Sun
Whenever you rise
Day turns
To night
Dark Sun
Your rays paralyze
The beating wing in flight
Dreamers in midstride

Dark Sun
Wherever you shine
Eyes turn
To stone
Dark Sun
The fate of the blind
And now I’m all alone
In my starless mind

And now the wind
Blows against my stride
And I’m losing ground to
En’mies on all sides
Am I the prey
That was hunter once
Could it be my last day
(Could) they strike me down?

Can I say
You were wrong
I was right
Had to slay
Every  stray
Thug in my sight

Dark Sun
Whatever you touch
And cracks
Dark Sun
You’re hope turned to dust
The longing for the crash
Longing to be ash

Dark Sun
Wherever you shine
Eyes turn
To stone
Dark Sun
The fate of the blind
And now I’m all alone
In my starless mind

Do you know me?
Would you judge me?
I’m lost
But I can’t admit it
Ain’t an option
Someone help

Dark Sun
You shone like a threat
To strike
Dark Sun
But somehow you fed
My hunger for a life
Not ruled by your night

Dark Sun
Wherever you shine
Eyes turn
Dark Sun
What choices have I
But live another day
Live another day
Live one more day

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