Persona 5: The Animation atau ペルソナ5 ジ・アニメーション adalah serial televisi anime yang diproduksi oleh CloverWorks , berdasarkanvideo game Persona 5 oleh Atlus . Serial anime ini disutradarai oleh Masashi Ishihama dan ditulis oleh Shinichi Inotsume, dengan Tomomi Ishikawa mengadaptasidesain karakter asli Shigenori Soejima untuk animasi. Karyawan Atlus, Kazuma Kaneko menciptakan desain iblis asli, sementara komposer Shoji Meguromengambil alih perannya dari permainan. Seri 26-episode ditayangkan di Jepang antara April dan September 2018, dengan epilog yang dijadwalkan akan disiarkan pada 30 Desember 2018. Selain itu, khusus televisi animasi oleh A-1 Pictures , The Day Breakers , ditayangkan sebelum rilis Jepang game di September 2016. Serial ini dilisensikan di Amerika Utara oleh Aniplex of America

» Artist: Lyn
» Anime OST: Persona 5 the Animation (Ending 1)
» Duration: 00:04:22
» Language: English
» File Type: Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 320 kbps
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Left our everyday
Ordinary ways
At the door, don’t need them here

Latest hype brand goods
Ain’t our kind of loot
Got our eyes on stealing doubts and fear

And sometimes
Got our eyes on someone special

Look how far we’ve come
Found a bond that lasted
We’ll outshine the sun
Nothing matters more than us
Nothing matters more than trust

Sometimes all it takes
Is a chance encounter
For your heart to break
Speeds of sound and light alike
Like a bolt of lightning strike
Through infinity

Even everyday
Living takes its toll
Trials everywhere you look

Love can turn to hate
Less you break the mold
Gotta break the rut, rewrite the book

And find out
What it is that matters most now

Look at how we’ve made
Magical connections
Bridging time and space
And the chaos couldn’t keep
You from running into me

Found the ones who care
Found the ones who matter
I know they’ll be there
This chaotic world should know
Magic still can rule the show
Past infinity

Falling through the hour-glass
Treasure-hunting’s no easy task
Time slips by
Through your fingers
So live … now!

Look how far we’ve come
Found a bond that lasted
You and I as one
Nothing matters more than us
Nothing matters more than trust

Something’s brought us here
Miracles and magic
And together we’re
Gonna make it I just know
And our energy will grow
Past infinity

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