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  2. Login / Register an account first, can use FB, Twitter, Disqus & Google
  3. Include song identity details in the comments column
  4. Wait 1 - 7 days to search and upload the song you requested
  5. We will reply to your request comments, if the song you requested has finished uploading / cannot be uploaded
  6. We cannot accept Cover songs from YouTube other than obvious sources such as: BangDream Band, Kobasolo, and Virtual Youtuber.
  1. Tekan Load Comments
  2. Login / Daftar akun dahulu, bisa menggunakan FB, Twitter, Disqus & Google
  3. Sertakan Detail identitas lagu pada kolom komentar
  4. Tunggu 1 - 7 Hari Untuk proses pencarian dan Upload lagu yang anda request
  5. Kami akan membalas komentar permintaan Anda, jika lagu yang Anda minta telah selesai di upload / tidak dapat diupload
  6. Kami tidak dapat menerima lagu Cover dari YouTube selain dari sumber yang jelas semacam: BangDream Band, Kobasolo, dan Virtual Youtuber.
for new request, please go to new WEB * Admin will help you get your favorite song.
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