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  1. Click Load Comments
  2. Login / Register an account first, can use FB, Twitter, Disqus & Google
  3. Include song identity details in the comments column
  4. Wait 1 - 7 days to search and upload the song you requested
  5. We will reply to your request comment, if the song you requested cannot be uploaded
  1. Tekan Load Comments
  2. Login / Daftar akun dahulu, bisa menggunakan FB, Twitter, Disqus & Google
  3. Sertakan Detail identitas lagu pada kolom komentar
  4. Tunggu 1 - 7 Hari Untuk proses pencarian dan Upload lagu yang anda request
  5. Kami akan membalas komentar request anda, apabila lagu yang anda minta tidak dapat kami upload
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