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"Feed A" by OLDCODEX
» Title: Feed A
» Artist: OLDCODEX
» Anime OST: God Eater
» Song Type: OP / Opening Theme
» Size: 10.64 MB
» Language: Japan
» File Type: Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 320 kbps


What was in your right hand is hope
In another hand is something else to fade
kizutsukitaku wa nai to
sou iikikaseteitanda

furikaeru saki niwa
motometeta sentakushi ga nai
I searched for a way to breath
Dear sorrow

All going to end
Bring what you got
Core of the sins

Already saw the dawn
All air, gained that I have felt

Just as I awake for another sight
The world is standing,
Feeding thirst from their tears
erandekita gisei ni hisomu
kidzuiteta darou
Always falling apart
ashiato o tadaotteikeba
Unlikely you
The price to stay

What was in my left hand is torn
And another hand is feeling heat and tense
asu ga mienakutemo
kurayami o terashitekitanda

owari ni shitai no nara
nokosareta sentakushi wa nai
Can’t seem to find the light
For so long
Do I know how to stand up

X day has come and
Years been past
Zero carved on so deep again

hateshinai darou
kimi ga omou sekai wa

Get up to grab all what’s been lost
We are the change,
The world is waiting for…new
ashiato ga karamitsuitemo mayowazu ikeru
Call your own regret
sono te ni nani o tsukamu no ka shidai darou
So…go against

Already saw the dawn
All air, gained that I have felt

Just as I awake for another fight
The world is standing,
Feeding hunger from their fears
erandekita gisei no ue ni tatte
miwatashiteru darou
Always breaking apart
ashiato o tadotteikeba
Unlikely me
The price to ray 

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